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    Lunatic 5yr ago

    You are welcome. I´ll always try to cheer up my friends (if I can and am able to do so... or at least give it a try) 

    That´s nice of them. I´m sure you´ll take good care of the new puppy now :) And it´s good that you´re family is on board with it. The puppy will help you with what you are going through right now. Have you decided a name for the puppy yet?

    When I was younger (damn that makes me sound so old...) but either way... I didn´t really like rap music either but now that I´ve gotten older I´ve learned to accept all kinds of music. Rap, classical, techno... all kinds. And I´m quite happy about it because if I hadn´t I would have missed so many good songs. Speaking of good songs here´s one for you:

    Also the the movie mentioned there (The Fault In Our Stars) is a movie I´d definitely recommend you to watch. I mean like... I loved it. A person who mostly watches horror movies and such was caught into a drama movie. The soundtrack on it is good (in my opinion at least) and the story is well made. 

    And just like before take your time replying. I can´t promise to be here everyday but I´ll try to do that on the following week. 

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