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    NecroNaruto 5yr ago

    It's all good :) and yh lol but our relationship is getting better :)....she came down to visit our mom for the weekend and we talked while she was down here..even rode in her car for a ride to gamestop and I haven't done that since I was around in maybe middle school? lol

    I've been keeping myself busy with writing and all that...decided to make a thank you poem for all the things people did for me. It's not ready yet so I haven't put it up yet.....Oh and I got Persona 5 last night...it was my first midnight release...well, I actually got it at 9 last night but it still counts lol I got the tutorial out of the way so I could get the feel of the game before I live streamed it on my twitch channel lol...soooo~ worth the wait lol 

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