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    koco 5yr ago


    Aww..thank you so much for the sweetest reply ever 😁 seriously though..it made me feel so good. And the song made it even better. Thank you. Hehe

    Soo...weird things happen..and well mostly sometimes...the surprising things happen in life right. So we went to see the remaining puppy  from the same litter we got our pup from. He was to be adopted by the family who bred them. They are friends of my parents and after seeing me they were shocked. Like they were seriously upset and gifted me the remaining puppy. I know he's not my puppy ..the one i chose just for myself..but..well i took him in. And ofc everyone in our family was on board too.. and i feel like it was a really good thing..like somehow..just..call me crazy  but i feel like this is how it was meant to be..i don't know..just told you..cuz well i felt good after telling it to you 😢☺☺

    Rap music was something i wasn't comfortable with when i first heard it. Though i hear most people say how influential eminems songs are. But it has never given me that feel to listen to it. But i will check it out for sure 😁😁oohh...i just listened to it.  Tbh most words i  couldn't get lol i heard the f word nice and clear lol jeez..lol but now i am going to check the exact lyrics of it. Oh but i loved its beat and all. Thanks dude πŸ˜†

    Weirdly i had heard these songs but never knew who sang them or whatnot. Anyways thank you for cheering me up with music. And replying too. 😁😁 because tbh the past few weeks all i did was just binged in front of the tv watching stuff i never knew existed and never once i listened to music..just cus it all felt really pointless and it still does. I may look ok from the outside but from the inside im mad and sad and kinda depressed about everything..and i sometimes feel like I've had enough..and im so angry and surprised at how people behave. You know..im really crazy..i worry too much..i stress too much ..think too much and sometimes get angry so much i could pop lol yeah...im a crazy person..literally a lunatic..me..


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