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    Lunatic 5yr ago

    Oh no worries about that. After what you had to go through I fully understand why haven´t been feeling so chatty as of late and I can´t blame you about it at all. As I mentioned before I had to go through my fathers dog died. She was so close to us and was our very dear member of family. I had to same kind of time as you are right now. You can overcome it but it´ll take time. Here´s a song for you to listen:

    How´s me and Finland? Well I´d assume we are both doing just fine. No problems that I would be aware of as of late. Lately I´ve been expanding my music taste a bit. This guy right here is the one rocking my playlists right now:

    I used to not like his at all when I was young but now a days his music has just stroke to me. I can understand why many people are saying that he is the best rapper out there. My friend is a huge fan of rap music and by him I´ve heard quite a lots of different kinds of songs but Eminem has became the one for me. 

    Another song incoming!

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