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    Ivana 5yr ago

    Oh the top 20 mine listen to metal and pop buuut not the top 20   

    Yeees the last update in I think August was reallyyyyyy BIIIG~ kind of miss the old version but hey you get used to this   

    26 hours hahahahaha   

    Oh yeah from 

    J-POP: Da-iCE, Kis-My-Ft2, NEWS, Hey Say JUMP, EXILE THE SECOND, GENERATIONS, J SOUL BROTHERS, THE RAMPAGE (actually every sub unit of EXILE) Happiness, Nissy, SKY-HI (aand some songs from AAA) Bullet Train, Kenshi Yonezu, Jin Akanishi , Illion....

    K-POP: BTS, EXO, NCT (U, 127 and Dream), Seventen, SHINee, BIGBANG, GOT7, BTOB, KARD, PENTAGON, SF9, Super Junior, MASC, HISTORY, SE7EN, CLC, 2NE1 (  ), FTISLAND, Jay Park,2PM, Rain, iKON, WINNER, MOBB, Block B, BAP, BIG, MONSTA X, Seo In Guk, Dean, Gray, Crush, VIXX, IMFACT, BEAST, San E, BASTARZ, BLACKPINK, TopSecret, Zion.T, SHINHWA, HIGH4, HIGH4 20, ROMEO and INX (thou my favorite is BTS, EXO and NCT the others are mostly my second place   )

    aand VK: Royz, MEJIBRAY, The Gazette, xaa-xaa, Grimoire, DADAROMA ....

    What about you?   

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