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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    I know it´ll affect you´re life because I´ve went through the same (well not with dog but a cat... still it was really hard learning the she had died...)

    Getting through it will take it´s time but I know you´ll be able to do it. As hard as it may seem but you have your other dog to cheer you up ^_^

    You don´t need to be here daily if you don´t wish to. I´m not always at home either nor here daily so I can´t expect you to do the same. Just reply whenever you feel to do so. But hey it´s good that you have done something at least :P I´ve known people who have gone completely down from what you´ve suffered... and boy did I need to give some harsh words to "cheer" them up (I´m not the best at that so... I usually allow others to do it. I usually say things as I see them and think it would help them)

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