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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Yo my friend O.o/ How are you today? I must apologize for not answering to your messages earlier... I was a bit busy the last couple days working and getting my life back on track. So once again I apologize for this >.<

    What kind of work I do? I´m working at a gameshop at Helsinki... well we sell board games, card games and retro games... it´s nice job in the end. I´ve really enjoyed working there :) 

    Hmm... that sounds like a wise choice. But just always remember that he is your father in the end and even thought he didn´t agree with you on this particular choice it doesn´t mean he isn´t going to support you on this school you are at right now. 

    Luck is indeed quite rare... like I haven´t either ever seen a person who has achieved anything with luck... If you want to achieve something you need to work for it and prove that you are good enough for it. That´s how I got the job where I am right now. I wouldn´t have gotten that if I didn´t work hard there during the training time. 

    Hehe... Pewds is indeed amazing :P Like sometimes he overacts but even then it´s really funny to watch :D Well... it isn´t a miracle that he has 50 million subscribers now a days. But of course with fans come haters but I must say that Pewds has dealt with them really well. On that video? He was playing game called Cards Against Humanity with his girlfriend Marzia (who also has Youtube channel) And I´m not quite sure what he has yelling to Edgar there... 


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