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Spring Day (봄날)  

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    SAME. I was like, "yeah, it's cool, i guess"
    And now I like... haven't gone a day without watching the video. xD In my defense, I absolutely LOVE the way Namjoon looks. The blue contacts actually look really good on him. Different, but good. And he's just, ugh, darn you Rap Mon~ gonna be the death of me. -_-

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    lol, if I havent heard the song for the day I'll find a way to either hum it or listen it as the video plays xD Namjoon, can be very attractive and a bad bias wrecker haha. I don't understand how some knetizens think he is ugly -.- when he isn't. Kookie looks good with his blonde hair and very handsome! He isn't the same 15 year old boy who debuted long a go hahah

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