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    Ivana 6yr ago

    Sorry for the late reply Senpai~ I had much stuff to do   Looks like I will get my first job kya kya~ Hope I will get it XD

    Yeah, I am multi-fandom af XD   There are just so many AWESOME bands to listen to!!   The reason I have such a weird music taste   

    Oh, you lost your phone!   I know that feeling too well~ I ALWAYS (I really mean ALWAYS!!!) when I go somewhere lose something~ I must be really dumb XD Anyways, hope you will get a new one veryyyy soon. Life without a mobile phone is hard nowadays. Hmm I am reallyyyyyyyyyyy NOT SO ACTIVE on FB anymore. Especially now that my BFF and other friend really don't have a FB account anymore, so I just on it 1 or 2 times in a month or so :/ do you have any other social media besides FB and JPA?   

    You are not the only one, Senpai~ I am also too lazy. Sometimes I do greet some or just the ones that have a nice name to me   (I am so judgmental, thou I judge myself the most out of everyone   )

    No, I also didn't watch Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge. I meant the butler Tanaka from the Phantomhive (I hope it is written so XD) family in Black Butler (or in japanese Kuroshitsuji) It is a really awesome anime if you haven't watched (thou I must say the manga is a bit better :) ) 

    That is THE Tanaka I was speaking of (thou he is mostly in his chibi form (Must find this picture too)

    I am so MEGA DEEP in also those j- and k-dramas.  am digging my own grave with every drama I start to watch   BUT I am only up-to-date with One Piece. (I MUST start with Gintama too the new season started some time ago) OH and CONGRATULATIONS on getting tothe last episode of OP XD It was a big waaaaay~   AAAND it is AWESOMEEE, right? Luffy is so funny!!! Aaand there are so many cool characters~~ LAW   

    Yes Sota and Yudai are the 2 singers. The other 3 are the dancers thou sometimes on concerts they sing too~ Sota's voice is BEAUTIFUL~   Did you hear their cover from Ariana Grande INTO YOU? Oh BTW. Taiki likes anime and he is a big ONE PIECE fan~ Just wanted to share this information. It does look anime-like. 

    OMGGGGGG their faces are awesome~ The reason Yudai is my bias wrecker   

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