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    koco 5yr ago

    No need to apologize..we all feel down at times and we all are busy at times. What kind of work do you do..if you don't mind me asking 😀

    Right...i agree...but everyone else supported my decision wholeheartedly. I guess my father has this crazy side to him...like...he always blames us for no valid reason . And by us i meant me and my brother ..also our mother. My brother ignores him now...and I'm trying to be like that too..lol it's easier...

    Right...i will hope he would understand..but im not getting my hopes too high...it could most probably crush me at the end..so..😑😑

    Luck is something very rare right..i never have ever met a person who has achieved stuff on their luck lol people work hard and i witness how eager most people here are to get out of this country. And now i am too..😑😑 maybe we are wrong..we are wrong i agree but this country is going down a slope so steep there's no coming back ..😟😟


    I recently started watching poodiepie lol i love saying poodiepie..yeah he is awesome and amazing.  Well the thing that got me more into his videos was the fact that he is very spontaneous. Like every action he shows seems original and unplanned and that is always a great thing lol and seriously funny af!!! 😂😂 i watch him daily now..lol

    Oh yeah..i heard him yelling edgar! Deustchland! In a video..what was tha about?? Many had commented it was germany in german language lol..

    Im wearing a maroon colored one lol it says westways 73 london..lol 

    Uhh..i use viber..although i could install kik too..if you would only like that please tell me 😀

    Uhhh...my feet were dancing to that crazy drum beat lol it was awesome 😍😍 thanks dude..some serious effects..i liked the part where they threw firecrackers like thingies in the air...ohh..wish i could have been there. Is it a finnish band?? 

    Random question..how many genders are there in this world? 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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