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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    I apologize again... this time around it was the mixture of me not feeling too well and being busy with work. 

    Well... I´d say that they are allowed to do both. To both support and judge you. Since they are the people who know you the best they know the best what to say to you :P Nah... no worries about that. I understand both of your part on this debate. Like your father wants the best for you and was disappointed that you didn´t choose the best option for you   But I´m quite confident that he´ll understand your opinion at some point. It´ll take time but I´m quite confident about it. 

    Hmm... that is true. Work hard for your dreams and you´ll get rewarded from it. No rewards for slackers >.> Thou... sometimes you can get lucky but I wouldn´t count on that <.< 

    PewDiePie indeed is amazing. It´s no wonder he has 50 million subscribers now a days. I´ve been a fan of his since... 30 million. And boy has the channel grown a lot! And what I really love about his videos is that he makes different kinds of videos. Thou if I had to choose one as my favourite it would be this (because of Edgar and the Deutschland part)

    Color of the shirt I´m wearing? It´s pink today. What about yours?

    Hmm... I´m not sure. Do you use some kind of apps? Like Kik or something like that?

    Here´s a song for you to listen... I´m not the one who recorded this but I was at this gig they threw in here <3

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