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    koco 5yr ago

    Yay you replied...finally..so happy   

    Huh...well if you feel like you can tell me if anything bothers you. Don't suffer alone..  

    Good thing. People really judge me even when it's really annoying. Specially when my family do that i hate them lol i mean as far as im concerned family's supposed to support me instead of judging me. My father was really pissed about my choice of uni..like i skipped the best one ..and he blamed me like i committed a huge crime..i don't get why he doesn't understand that my life is mine and not his..sorry..just letting off some steam ..

    Oh you mean the suffocating?? Lol ..

    The hell....stop belittling yourself man...i am always glad and happy to get your advice and opinion   so yeah..like if i am to go abroad im gonna have to study well and pass all exams and stuff. I mean how else am i gonna get a chance at a good job in another country..right..  

    Poodiepie is awesome man...i love him   he is my favorite youtuber now..lol

    Random question..the color of the t-shirt you're wearing. 

    Oh and btw..i meant to ask you..is there any other way we can keep in touch instead of jpa..it's getting boring..i mean the site. Some other way ..like an app or something..

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