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    koco 5yr ago

    as you can see..im a total block head when it comes to stuff related to social media stuff lol...

    wow..so your relationship is basically a game with multiple lives. and at midnight one of you dies and is given a new life for the next day lol no,i know what you really mean by this poem :) and it's actually really good..like the ending two lines hit me like a bus..seriously..  seriously..i like it :D 

    now i got goosebumps thinking about the second part of this lol ok...starting a little paranoia lol 

    im someone who does not belong in the category of almost everybody,cuz i don't know about  Johnny Yong Bosch..lol..my bad..

    noo..i never was on sleeping meds lol i just tend to sleep a lot and i do it less now..well a bit less..(hey you asked what was new lol ) hey man thank you lol yeah you told me before..i am currently moving on to the 2nd novel of GoT ,but too lazy to pick it up again lol 

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