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    koco 5yr ago   Edited

    uh..not that i think..i don't know..maybe cuz he's sick and feeling unwell..wild guess though.. :/ either way he's now part of our family so we take care of him :D and trying to make him feel like he's worth to us.. oh god yes! i always prioritize my older dog..like she comes first. She's the reason my attitudes towards dogs changed...so and plus i really love her.In fact,i ditched the idea of going to the best uni here just because i couldn't leave her lol people call me an idiot ,or stupid...who cares..i don't give a _____ lol 

    i am a big idiot....just ...very stupid..i have been pointed out as an idiot many times...just..please don't judge me :/

    we let them go outside..in the daytime mostly they are outside..they are inside the house only at night time.. i believe in giving them their freedom,at least a little :)

    uh ..no...uh ok then :) no problem 

    are you upset about something?with me? coz..your chats seem a little off :/ 

    Image result for anime gif

    lol anyways...  

    it won't come to me suffocating you in real life,i hope    lol i meant me...yeah..annoying ..me lol 

    seriously dude...give me big high five lol my true love is my bed lol 

    i don't know man,haven't still thought about it as a whole thing.I;m gonna have to complete my studies first..i know seriously im gonna move to some country where none of my relatives reside and where i can get some privacy and a life of my own.That's all i want.. 

    huh...so..im gonna have to think about moving to Europe or anywhere else. I wish i could go to a place where stupid racists are extinct..lol i don't know...maybe i'll go live under the sea..if im unable to find someplace..

    right..i can see that politicians everywhere are huge idiots and well..something something lol :/ oh god..sometimes i resent the fact that i was even born in a world so corrupted..huh..but i seriously think handing out free money is not a good thing,for students it's ok but for unemployed people it's not compulsory..i don't know though ....

    are you OK man? like for real??did life kick you in the butt? :/ seriously...cuz you seem seriously down.. :O

    random question - do you watch pewdiepie?  

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