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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Hmm... I wonder what might have caused that then? Maybe he´s still bit sad the she got separated from his mother? That my guess and I can´t know that for sure O.o?

    Well it´s good that you´re trying to lift up his spirit. I´m sure that makes him feel loved among the family. But be sure to give some of that love to the older one as well so he doesn´t feel left out >.> They´re both important to you and make sure they both know that. 

    Hmm... I think it would be wise let them out once in a while there. If the brick wall is big enough so that they can´t jump over it and there is no other way out of the house. But... you make the final decision in the end. I´m just expressing my opinion on this things. 

    Am I mad? Nope. What made you think I would be mad? The gif I sent you? Well... I guess it can be misleading O.o?

    Well... it´s not hard to see why. They sound your kind of music. 

    Hehehe... if you´d suffocate me in real life   Annoyance? What annoyance? I don´t see any annoyance here or there. (Don´t mind me I´m just being random AF)

    Oh how I´ve been able to relate to that lately so much... I just wanna stay on the bed whenever I wake up and not get up ---> Here is a gif which sums this sentence up well:

    Hmm... possibly. Depends on what kind of work would you be looking to do? Like... obliviously some places are taken but... maybe you could be lucky and get a place here? Well... there is racism as well like in probably every other country out there. But I´d say most of the people are not blatantly racist and there is that little kinda like "extremist" group who are open about that. As long as you avoid them you´ll be fine :P

    You are correct on that... students were the first ones whom they would cut money from. They´re giving that basically to people who don´t have a monthly income... so basically that means people who are unemployed and students. Kinda like to help them a bit... but now that the refugees came here they´ve had to hand out even more money... and cut money for it somewhere. I know it´s necessary and I think most people do understand that but the thing was that when there was an election in which the parliament was chosen they made promise of not to cut money from students etc... that is the reason many people are done with them. 

    Of course I have phone :P

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