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    NecroNaruto 6yr ago

    Sorry lol I was super busy with my writing and whatnot...my bad. Also been keeping myself in isolation for awhile as well...I don't to anybody when I'm in a mood or something like that, especially if I'm trying to come up with ideas with new projects. Speaking of which I'm working on a new poem called "Once The Clock Strikes Twelve" I made two different versions I finished one version and uploaded that one to my wattpad account...

    The other version will be uploaded on my DA account once I figure out how to end it...which was the cause for the isolation lol....Been making a bunch of nightcore videos as well during said isolation...I just finished three nightcore requests and uploading them today :)....By the way, I usually take nightcore requests every other weekend but I will refuse some songs and I won't do full album videos cuz I don't do those (the only exception to this is eyeshine cuz I actually know them and I asked for their permission to do so lol)....

    Anyhoo, what's new? I pretty much told you what was new with me in the last two paragraphs so I can't really add much more to the this lol 

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