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    koco 5yr ago

    we took him to the vet and they gave meds and all.but my puppy still seems kinda...sad and depressed..i don't know what to do though..im always trying to life his mood..but we keep him tied up these days cuz his favorite thing is to eat dirt :/ so maybe that's why...we do..we have a brick wall around our yard..yeah..but we keep our dogs inside the house..my older dog sleeps beside my bed lol and i like it :D lol  

    ok ...     are you mad?cuz you seem mad... :/

    I don't know that...i've never seen your behavior in real life..but you are crazy here..sometimes..  

    right..yes..i am a hacker and i go around telling people i am a hacker..how..genius lol   

    huh..if you liked the song..then one more song for you..

    i love these songs and they are my jam these days   not really...no...you may die if i suffocate you in real life lol i meant through the internet lol..i am very fond of being an annoyance lol   

    my bed...is the only place i truly love.It's like these soft pillows are singing when i sleep in them,..soft comfy songs that makes me wanna sleep..make me fall in love with them..i just love my bed..and yeah..the moment i wake up i long for the moment i go back to sleep :D my love is my bed lol

    Image result for sleeping anime gif

    super koco sounds awesome lol yeah...charging my batteries for the moment..i gotta hit them hard like i have never hit them before...i meant studying..ok

    well..i would love to move to europe..im not sure if i can live in europe exactly though.. :/ i mean with me being an asian (and not from the good parts) and me getting a job in europe. I don't know..but i am hoping to move to europe..so your guess is right :D is finland a place you think i can live in?like..you know..is there a lot of racisim there?i have heard stuff about the UK and all..though.. :/ hmm...

    well...like i said ,my long term plan being away from this place and move to another place is the reason i am going to uni and get a degree so i can get a job lol other than that i find it really sucky..but it is something i have to do..

    Image result for boring anime gif

    yeah...politicians should be more brainy...unlike the idiots they are...i am guessing the students were the victim :p lol wait...your government gives you free money?why? :O

    huh..right..well if you had exams in that you'll probably get tired and bored of it..cuz history is like a very long sleeping pill that makes you drowsy letter by letter lol well..at least for me though.. :P 

    oh..i read it..watched it and cried :/ it was so sad....and one of the good books i have read :D the ending hit me so bad i was moody and sad for a few days lol

    random question...do you have a phone?

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