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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Oh... you should take him to vet then. Hmm... you don´t have a fence around your backyard or something like that? 

    I thought I told you that you can take your time responding as long as you just respond. I... shall keep that up then >.> 

    Hmm... that remains to be seen :D Maybe I am... maybe I´m not >.> Who knows? 

    Oh my... are you a hacker? I need to strengthen my computers defenses then O_O

    Hmm... the song was rather catchy and the video was a bit weird but I´m used to weird videos. Oh don´t worry. You´re not suffocating me at all. It´d be funny to see you try that     

    Hahahaa that is so you on that picture there :D Nothing beats good bed after a rough day huh? 

    Hehe... charging your batteries for that moment eh? Then you work hard to achieve something you dream of. I´m rooting for you. I know you can do it! Your our super koco O.O7

    Oh nice! Where are you planning to move? You got a specific place already in mind? Hmm... I´m guessing it´s in Europe right? Although I could be horribly wrong with my guess here as well :P

    Ugh... university. I´m always amazed who do people gather enough interest to go and study there. Well but each to their own I guess   I would never be interested enough to do something like that myself. I´m more of a doer type than reader and listener. 

    Huh... you got quite the history then huh? Lots of queens and kings and whatever else you got there :P Ugh the politicians... they always somehow manage to mess things up. The situation here is... well messed up. We´ve got loads of refugees here and it´s so nice for the Finns to pay for their upkeep here. Like... since they came here there had to be cuts made for the budget (and that raises the other nice thing that the politicians promised that they not cut money from elderly and students... and guess which were the first parts to have money cut from?)

    I don´t think I´d be that good of a teacher but like I mentioned I´m interested in the history of Asia. I want to study it and learn about it. It´s so interesting and there is so much to learn about :D

    Sometimes I do. Latest book I read in English was The Fault In Our Stars. You should read it at some point. 

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