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    koco 5yr ago

    i know i should...and he's sick again  that's what happened ..he's got a stomachache of some sort and it makes it hard for him to hold it until we wake up in the morning..and we keep him inside the house cuz he's very little   and well..so that happens..im waiting to train him until he gets all better :D  teaching them is one thing and controlling them is something i don't wanna do,people have call me an idiot(and i appreciate it   ) for that and well...lol ...im a crazy person,who knows what im up to   

    huh??sheesh??what do i sheesh about?? :O oh and what did you tell me??did you tell me something? ok..no im confused   awww...me too lol always am happy to see that you have responded :D keep up :D 

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    if i was....

    right...crazy...lunatic is not your real name...are you crazy in real life too? like how you are being crazy on JPA ??   

    i can decipher your messages and break the codes :P lol and understand if you are mad,sad,or crazy,or anything else....lol   

    right...i agree..there's this one japanese song..although i wouldn't know if you'd like it or not...it's posted below..check it out   now don'task me about what they show in the video coz i don't get it... :/ but i love the song and it's all that matters to me lol 

    oh am i suffocating you??? :P is it annoying..im not sorry about that Mr.LUNATIC    i'll back off...but hey to all the people who get really friendly with me im gonna be a nuisance cuz i sure do like to tease them and prank them and well....practically suffocate them ,not to death... lol :D and if you're gonna be my friend you're gonna get seriously annoyed by me irrational behavior :P lol and no..im not gonna apologize for that...lol

    how am i your senpai dude???you're older than me...right.. :P it is hard for me to no notice you when you are inches away from my face :P lol i have heard this statement somewhere..can't quite remember where though...lol 


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    oh btw...cute dog   

    right...i am working hard..not at the currrent moment..but starting march all my classes are gonna start and uni and all..gonna work hard and gonna move to another country soon :D very soon :D in fact...to tell you the truth i long the day i leave this place...it's so out of  order..my life here's a mess and i need a fresh life with a fresh me :D and no im not gonna abandon my country or my family..i just need a life of my own.. :D just.. lol

    huh...we are all alike i guess...i was asleep during my business classes everyday cuz it was all note taking and no thinking...the teacher says we listen..it was hella boring   but surprisingly i did extremely well at the exam and got an A    lol ..right..me too..in schooling days i only slept for about 4-5 hours a day..all day studying hit me like a bus in those days...school was hard..and now uni..  i may die at some point...really soon..maybe next year..yeah..most probably next year...hmm..

    right..lol...it was funny :P lol umm..our history is full of kings and queens and british people ,dutch and Portuguese people invading our country...and how we were a colony of the UK ..and how we got our so called freedom and then how our politicians ruined our good country since 1972..or so...lol that's it in a nutshell...you should properly learn it..aside from asking a bobble head (ME) who doesn't know anything about anything lol :P if you are really interested in it...are you planning to learn and teach history too?   

    Image result for houtarou funny gifs

    right..sake..not SAKE the japanese alcoholic drink..lol or is it..no..it can't be ,wouldn't make any sense lol   

    oh right..now the lyrics aCTUALLY (oops...caps lock attck..sorry) makes sense..huh..i never watched or read one piece though..so i don't know anything about it.that was a whale and not a dolphin?the hell...

    so..a question ...do you read English novels? :D 

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