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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    No need to apologize. I can understand that you had a bad day. 

    Wow... You should teach him not to poop or pee inside the house but instead outside. Cause I think that kind of a behaviour will continue if you overlook it now. That is something you need to teach him (even if you were against teaching the dogs what to do and what not to do)   

    Sheesh... I told you ( I think I did O.o?). Take your time replying. I´m not forcing you to respond straight away to everything I send. I´m not gonna be mad or disappointed at you. Why would I? I´m always happy to see that you have answered to my messages. 

    Hey... my name here is Lunatic and you are asking me if I´m crazy or not? 

    Oh? You got a talent for that then :P But okay. I´ll tell you if I´m feeling down. 

    Sometimes I do. I´ll listen to all kinds of music. I´m willing to give anything a try to know if the song is good or not. You´ll never known if the song is good or not if you don´t give it a try   

    What? Of course I´ll notice you. I´d be a bad senpai if I didn´t (well it´s hard to not to notice you when you´re like a inches away from my face >.<). Just... remember I´m not the easiest one to deal with   

    Hmm... let´s send one back to you as well :P

    You´re never too young to decide something for yourself. Even if your parents would tell you otherwise. But just remember that if you wish to make that wish of yours real you need to work for it. And work hard. I know you´ll be able to do it once you dedicate yourself to it hard enough. 

    Hmm... yeah... that´s me   I would fall asleep almost during any lesson unless it was something that I was actually interested in. Well add that to the fact that back in the day when I was still in the school I used to sleep about 4-5 hours a night... >.>

    I mean it. I´m interested in history now a days. Especially in Asian history. So if you would mind sharing from yours as well. Tha-that is if you want to... <.<

    Binks' Sake means... well Binks' Sake :P

    The thing with this song is that the song is sung by the Pirates in One Piece. The song is meant to raise the spirits of everyone who sings it. Thou... in the video I sent you Rumbar Pirates sung the song for the whale called Laboon who liked the song as well... before their death. So you guessed it right. They did die on end of the video. They were carrying a disease which was slowly killing them and they wanted make this one as the last song they sung for anyone. T_T T_T

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