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    koco 5yr ago

    oh my god im so sorry for being a jerk....today was a total crapday...i hated every bit of it...literally,first just when i woke up i had to clean my puppy who had pooped everywhere in our house   then i went to submit my university application and some parts of it are wrong and they are blaming me and i know a 100% it's not my fault   then i come home to find out my puppy had again pooped everywhere and is laying all over it(disgusting) and i had to clean him and the whole house again   i mean ...i've got no more energy left. the first thing i did though in the morning was check to see if u had replied and you had and im sorry for not replying earlier,,i feel like im breaking the pact and my promise...im so sorry...please don't be mad or disappointed   

    are you crazy???apologizing for something in advance...that is something i've never seen being done lol don't be silly dude   

    hmm...i can almost feel when you're down...it's like this sense i have...im almost able to tell when you are feeling down,and you can always tell me too..don't hold back okay..i won't think it's annoying or anything..i'll help you in anyway possible   

    huh...so do you listen to pop rock?electronic music...i do..do you like,artificial music(although every music is artificial and not natural,i meant like ...umm....like...i don't know....do you know what i mean? )  

    Image result for houtarou funny gifslol

    ok...i don't wanna force you into doing anything you don't wanna do..okay ...so...how do you count from 1 to 100 in finnish? :D

    huh...good man   you really care about others huh? :D good good :D yeah...i think you'll be a great role model for the kid too...keep up   also don't hate her okay :D just be angry with her :D lol

    ....okayy...you can tell me whenever about whatever you wanna tell me :D also sidenote im not gonna be judgy or weird lol you can tell me almost anything :D i've never ever dated so i don't know about how they ... just happen lol

    nope...im never gonna see him again..i can't seem to find him..no matter how hard i look ,anyways im over him :/ for good or bad...it was my first crush and somehow some weird feeling came bubbling up within me at that time and now im just tired of it...and i have decided to never fall for someone or date or get married or anything..i just wanna live a single fun life travelling around the world :D although i may be too young to decide it i have decided lol 

    Image result for houtarou funny gifs

    awww...a big high five then   are you the kind of person who falls asleep during world history except japan's????cuz i am lol and im proud of it   what do yu mean it has expanded into all of asia?? :/ nothing great about where i live...lol and it is considered as a part of asia right?   

    Image result for houtarou funny gifsi don't find the first song a lot interesting but it's not bad :D got a song so rocking that raise the roof   (sorry...didn't mean to hurt you,but i didn't wanna lie :/ please don't be mad...please)

    really???? you like that kind of songs? :O okayyy....

    haha..i like the part where they say yo ho ho ho...haha...it's funny for some weird reason lol oh my god there's a cute dolphin too???awwww.....sweeeeeeeeeettttttt :D what does bink sake mean anyways? :D

    my go did everyone just died at the end or were they already dead and it was a tribute to them?? :/

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