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    Ivana 6yr ago

    Senpai so sorry it took me longer to answer I missed the notification   

    And woow nice you found such an awesome BFF~ the best friendships are the ones that weren't planned .... yeah it did sound stupid XD   

    Your GIFs are at least working, my 1 is not but I am to lazy to change it   thou it should really be time to change it   Oh yeaaaaah you earn jpops when you greet new members yes yes, I totally forgot about it     Tanaka is always laught with hohoho   (hmmmm if you are watching/reading Kuroshitsuji you will understand, Senpai are you reading it XD I am not sure anymore   )

    Seems you like Yudai the most, he is so FUNNY   actually he is my bias wrecker now can't choose between him and Sota (there are so many things I can relate to with him it's suprising   )Hm the one in the white T-shirt would be TAIKI (if we are talking about the official dance practice) I'll post a picture: here is the one and only Taiki   

    Copyright are so stupid     

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