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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Well... if I ever do offend you in anyway I apologize in advance already. 

    I really appreciate it. I´ll be sure to tell you if I´m not feeling fine. Thou... to warn you sometimes I feel that down that I may not be feeling to come here. Well but you´ll notice if I´m feeling like that. 

    Hmm... I can see why that is quite hard to believe. Like I mentioned before I think I´ve created an reputation as a rock listening person. But as hard as it is to believe I do listen to all kinds of music daily. >.>

    Dude in Finnish? It´s äijä. Hmm... that is quite hard to be honest. Like... for me it would be easier to answer you the question you want to learn >.> Cause I´m not that good at teaching others how to do things etc. 

    Well I´m not planning to stop. Like... I would feel really bad if i would do something like that... For both her and her child.. So there´s even more reason for me to not abandon her... even thought I´ll always remember what she has done.

    Yeah... I used to date. But after that ended and after couple more bad experiences... I´ve decided to put dating on a hold for a while. I´ll start to date someone at some point but... that moment is still in the future. And it remains to be seen when that´ll happen. Well... I´ll probably tell you all that at some point. All that happened to me and made into the thing I am now a days...

    Well... it´s easy to say things later but I think you should have told him how you´re feeling. But of course it´s easy to say now. But maybe you´ll see him later in the future. 

    Hehe... how hard that is to believe   It was the same to me as well. I´ve always liked Japan and it´s history. And especially now a days in it´s music. Well... all that has now expanded to all of Asia. I´m really interested in all about it and I may take some classes about them. 

    Well... this one´s a wrestling song but I´ve noticed that I´ve started to sing this lyrics quietly in public as well   

    I´m glad you enjoyed that song. I´ll... probably post some more later on <.<

    Here´s a song that I just simply LOVE. It´s so beatiful and calming. And catchy also :P

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