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    koco 5yr ago

    Sure i get angry at people who tells me stuff directly to my face,and that's only a temporary anger   if you offend me in anyway i will be mad at you for a few hours and i'll get over within a few hours,that's ME     but i don't tell people what i really think or feel ...i just keep it to myself and if i don't like someone i just ignore them ,that's also ME     And you have not offended me in anyway ,and even if you did i'll just be mad for awhile and totally forget :D friends forgive each other ans support each other:D WHAT I  WANT TO SAY IS you don't have to change yourself so others may like you,being yourself is enough in my opinion,im always myself...i get angry and i calm down and watch funny videos on you tube and well...LIVE lol

    if you're direct be direct,if you are not direct then so be it :D either way you are My FRIEND     and i always appreciate it :D

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    oh and BTW good choice   

    Sure...im always here if you need any help, I’ll help in anyway possible. And i promise to do the same :D i will login a few times a day and check and reply to you immediately   

    i am telling you it's hard to believe you listen to the stuff listen to...i listen to like soft songs and also i love rock songs..and you listening to pop is like impossible to believe    guess i'll get used to it..eventually...

    no deal there   i wanna learn Finnish ..like as in the whole language..staring from the basics i guess....how do you say dude in Finnish??   i wanna learn that first...then im gonna call you that ...how about that deal?   

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    no...don't stop helping her..putting myself in her situation i would love it if somebody actually really helped me..just be careful and keep it simple   so in the end even if she does blame you somehow you can just let it go without worrying too much   okay....i didn't think you were dating lol and yeah...first times are hard to get over..or so i've heard..never really know about that though ,but you'll be fine eventually   no worries...i don't mind it if you tell me all your stuff...i can help you find help with that stuff ..so yeah it is ok   to tell you mine simply , i had a crush ,a huge crush over someone and i got to see him for like 2 times and after that he disappeared...and i am not feeling anything anymore..im like dead inside..and im actually cool with that ...tbh i crushed on him for like more than 2 years and i hate myself now lol and i feel like an idiot... i just said this to get it off my chest..not to well..trouble you   sorry..

    i never paid any attention in history class...oh but i paid attention when my teacher taught us about japanese history..lol other than that i don't know about anything i learned..but somehow i got  a B in the final exam lol 

    oh cool.........post whichever songs you think are great and i'll give them a try..   


    i like the chorus..and it's rocking..i'll give it an A   the song you posted..

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