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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Well... if he´s you then I guess this person here would be me... especially in here   

    Like... I know I can be a cold and... sometimes say things too straight. But that´s just who I am. That´s how I´ve been living my life so far and... I´m happy with it. I know couple people have complained about it but... meh >.> I´m not planning to change myself. But just as Gareki here... I also have a caring side on me. So that´s why I decided to go with him (after a long while of thinking)   

    Oh... I´m honored to hear something like that. You are an important friend of mine as well. You´ve showed that you are also caring and willing to help me. I really appreciate that from you. So I shall do the same as you´re planning to do. I´ll check this site quite often to see if you have responded to my message, read it and then answer back to you again   

    I know that it can be hard to believe... I guess I´ve nailed myself with quite a rock-loving guy here. Take your time. Maybe you´ll believe me one day :P

    Hmm... I guess I could teach you some. But instead of just shouting out some Finnish words I want you to tell me what you want to learn to say in Finnish? Just write some sentences on your next message and I´ll translate them to you. Deal?

    Yeah yeah... I´ll be careful. I´m very aware of those possibilities but hey... if that happens I´ll only have myself to blame for trusting her and trying to be nice to her. But we´ll see how that works out. And just to make it clear we´re not dating. I´m not looking to date anyone as of yet... well I´m sure you´re aware of what has happened in the past to me. And yet I´m still sitting here writing this stuff to you. 

    Well I´m not sure if the battle is that well known outside of Norway... at least I can´t remember my teacher telling us about it during the history lessons   So no worries about not knowing it. I didn´t know about it before I listened to this song a while ago. 

    And yes. The language in there indeed is Finnish. I´m glad you liked it. I can send some more of their songs to you if you want to? But in a meanwhile I wanna send you a song that is stuck in my head right now:

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