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    koco 6yr ago

    oh ho

      nope he is so me :P if i don't have to do it i won't do it and if i have to do it i'll probably postpone it until it get done on its own lol i love myself sometimes...  in fact i think he's the male version of myself

    Image result for oreki houtarou funny gifssee what i mean..  

    i realized that i have to cherish the few friends i have..even if you don't know me you are extremely understanding and supportive as a friend and i really appreciate that   so starting now...im gonna reply everyday,and every moment i find myself not sleeping :D as you may know i have a bit of a oversleeping problem   

    pitbull pitbull pitbull pitbull everywherex100000000000000000000000000000....infinity XD

    hmmm.......suspicious...as they say in japan okashii lol (i think that's what it means) lol i can't wrap my head around the idea of you listening to pop music...like soft pop music i listen to :P nope..it's not coming to me yet...waiting and waiting... :P oh maybe it'll get to me 

    well in the meantime can you teach me a few finnish phrases??? :D huu..it'll take some time for me to learn it whole..but im gonna try :D can you help?:D "gunna go for it and gunna smash it on the earth im gonna learn fin-nish and rock it all around" <---this has a tune btw... :D

    well im not saying you should stop helping her..no not that..but im saying you should be careful while helping her..she sounds like a person who thinks only of herself...but she can be different too..im just saying ,she can hurt you in the worst possible way by being not grateful to you..at the end she can betray you and hurt you :D im just saying keep it simple and then you would be protecting yourself too :D but she can be  a much different person than what she looks on the outside,maybe it's not her fault she turned out that way,maybe she can change into a better person,put the past behind her and honor your friend :D it's a choice..really.. :/

    to lighten the mood...here you go

    Image result for funny anime gifs

    ooooh...i like the song..the translation is like a poem...which sparks an interest within me :D i like the meaning..and tbh I've never heard of that battle :/ sorry my bad :/ but  i am gonna read about it and discover it :D thanks to you :DD

    wow...what does this song speak of?is it Finnish? :D

    I LIKE IT...my kind of rock song :D

    oh wow...

    it just keeps getting awesome   

    Image result for rock  anime gifsuwaaaaaaaaaaa...

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