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    jsonglyrics 3yr ago

    Hey grandpa weebl! It's been quite a while huh? I don't even remember what I last posted on your wall... Oh well...

    く( ̄へ ̄) I gotta pay my respects. XD Meh... My brain...

    I keep reminding myself that I have to watch certain anime but end up watching something else... That's what I did for AoT XD I watched the first episode and then went off track. I finished watching though :P Gotta admit, the story was really good but... I can't be a huge fan of it as other people. And then I'm watching Sakamoto which I told myself I would watch after watching some other anime...

    Yeah I found out ^^ But I'll leave it there in my bio just for the heck of it... For the monopoly, you don't have to go on every day right? Or no? Eh... I'm not smart enough for that place yet so I'll keep distance from that place for now. 

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