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    koco 5yr ago


    here you go...Image result for hi anime gifslol

    i have decided to log in every possible minute of everyday from now on.It's rude of me to not reply for a loooooooooong time..and I have decided to change surprisingly :D and no,yo are not forcing me to log in everyday..and I have decided to stop being a jerk and start being a good friend :D 

    im not a fan of pitbull tbh..i have only heard the song you posted thanks to the television lol lololol i mean i like that song but ...oh wait..i have heard some other song in which he featured..don't know the name though..sigh..

    really ..you enjoyed them :O for real???like for real????? :O i mean i thought you'll not like the,...for real...honestly :D BUT I AM REALLY HAPPY IF YOU LIKED THEM :D oh man im crying..lol

    no it doesn't sound crazy..it sounds natural..unlike me lol i have never heard a boyfriend or anything lol  :P now there's something that sounds crazy lol :P 

    oh ho :D I WIN :D YAAAAAAAASSSS!!! wow...just saying i am proud of my sixth sense :p oh btw i have decided to learn Finnish :D gotta find a teacher though..

    no i don't think you're being too nice to her,actually i personally think you are being a considerate human being who cares for other people :D very selfless...and people like that are very rare :D i don't know what i'd have done if i were you...help her or not help her..i think i would've helped her too..if she was facing huge problems..but other than that i wouldn't want anything with her :D see where each human being differ from each other? you are a saint while the world is trash. she's lucky to have had known you :)

    that's actually a good saying..i think that all the time :D but i can't keep track of the people who treat me badly everyday...i just roll with it , i mean i don't care about the people who hurt me..but i absolutely love people who treat me like im gold and cherish me..i wouldn't forget them in anyway :D it's easier that way..

    oh....what's the language??is it Finnish??what does it speak of :O 

    oh well...i spend the day listening to this song mostly.. :/ 

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