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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    I´ll let gif do the hello and such :P

    Oh no worries about that you silly fool. You come here whenever you feel like and that´s that. I´m not forcing to come here every day am I? (Well not especially with my current logging here as well...) 

    Well... to be honest I´d be a surprise if someone hadn´t heard Pitbull´s songs. There was a time when his music was all over radios, Youtube etc. And thank you for the songs I really enjoyed them :) 

    As crazy as it sounds (Hehehe... that sentence coming from a guy named Lunatic...) I did. 

    Your sixth sense is working really well. He is indeed singing about those things. 

    Yeah... you can imagine she not well liked. Especially not with people who were Janne´s friends. But I can´t blame them. I don´t like her at all either. Thou still sometimes I help her a bit. She´s having rough time as well now and I don´t want her to do the same as Janne did. Because that wouldn´t resolve anything. Maybe I´m just being too nice there... but I just can´t leave alone someone who needs help. 

    This is a quote which I live after. And I follow this one well. If you treat me badly don´t expect me to treat you well. And vise versa. If I´m being a douche to someone... I know I can´t expect them to be nice to me. 

    I don´t know why... but yesterday I spent the whole day listening to this song... @.@

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