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    trinitym 6yr ago

    Gosh, didn't realise so much time had passed. Don't know where the time has gone.   

    Anyway, I've not really been doing a lot. I've completed Indigo Prophecy, then I completed The Wolf Among Us. What else have I have played? Oh yes, I finished Agatha Christies A.B.C Murders. And Zenith, quirky, fun and funny but oh good grief the loading times were long and everywhere! Also finished Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Sea, which was fairly awesome. Definitely recommend that one. I am now playing The Witness, which is frustrating at times but I'm enjoying it. I've completed the main part of it but I'm now doing puzzles in some caves.

    I've just got back from my friends, been there for just over a week. So I'm absolutely exhausted, but happy as I hadn't seen them for over a year.

    How are you doing? How is school going?

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