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    koco 5yr ago

    apologieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss.....i know saying sorry won't comprehend lol but..i am sorry for taking a long time to respond..my life's become uninteresting lately and i am ultimately sad for some unknown reason and i can't talk myself into doing anything ..i just wanna sleep, read, eat lol those are the only things i'm doing these days and i have completely lost interest in my life... :/ no reason...i'm just miserable for no reason...

    thanks for the song and i have heard the song before ..it's lovely..and really funky lol do you listen to it?

    okay....ummm...here are some songs that i listen to these days:

    i am a serious pop fan lol i just love pop..also rock..but mostly pop..although i don't know if these suit your taste..if they do..AWESOME .

    you had a girlfriend?? lol just kidding... 

    the first song is awesome ..love :D actually beautifully carved and put together music...so beautiful..

    i don't unserdatnd what the second song speaks about ,although my mysterious 6th sense picks it up and tells me that it speaks of a corrupted political system and how the people are suffering from it..am i right or wrong? must be wrong...although if you can explain...great :D 

    here''s a song to which you can daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance 

    i picked this up from beat stomper...the android phone game lol 

    wow..im really really sorry about your friend...he seemed to have lived a painful and troubled life....i really never imagined a woman could be like that..like your friend's ex..i mean i knew the world was like that but to hear stuff like that for real is so painful..i can actually feel my heart pained deeply..i hate people like that..people like that should never exist although i can't change anything of this stupid out of order world..i will live my life a better way..a way that suit the whole world.. 

    i know how naive i sound but that's just who  i am...not immature no..just helpless and naive 

    all in all i liked the 3 songs so much.thanks.. :D

    what are you up to these days? :D

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