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    jsonglyrics 6yr ago

    Iva chan! GUESS WHO IS HERE!? Haha XD

    How has it been going? Oh! Thank you for the Christmas post! XD

    I don't remember what I posted last time I was on here... But oh well :P Checked out your bio btw XD It's very much like you! ^^ There's just not enough time and place to fangirl! Oh yeah, recently, I've been into the dance of Da-ICE's "I'll Be Back"... I'm trying to dance to it but I never get the feet right XD So I'm watching other videos that teaches how to dance to it...  But yeah! It's good to be back!

    Oh, for posting pictures... Do I click on "Insert Video"? XD Wow wth... 

    Trying to get used to this new JPA is a struggle...

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