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    Lunatic 7yr ago

    Now this time I must apologize... again. I took a long while to reply again... 

    I just didn´t find too much of a interest to come here. Much like you I have found this site to became... quite boring. 

    Well... I don´t blame you on that impression. Mostly the song I have shared here have been rock and K-Pop. But yes I do listen to all kinds of music. And please do so. I´ll gladly check the songs you post here on my wall and tell my opinion about them. Here is a pop song for you to listen:

    Can´t deny I wouldn´t be the same. I have liked his songs for a long time and yet he never fails amaze me with more and more songs that I might not have listened O.o

    And yeah... I was at Tallinn on a football tournament when I heard it from news that MJ was found dead. I... found it shocking back then and same as you nearly started to cry. But now heaven has a godlike voice in there. 

    Any Finnish songs I would recommend? Hmm... I can share you couple ones which I´ve liked to listen:

    All of these three songs here are quite personal to me. First one I used to listen with my ex-girlfriend quite often. We both like Juha Tapio and his music a lot. Now we have gone our separate ways but we both still listen him. 

    Second one has been quite familiar to me cause I felt like that song quite well sums up how things are going here in Finland now a days. Listen to the song and if you can´t find a translation for it I can find one for you :) 

    Third one being really really close to me cause a friend of mine passed away couple Christmases ago... after committing suicide. He had it rough... like really rough. He had loads of debt and kids with ex-girlfriend who had been cheating on him with someone and yet she had the nerve to ask Janne to pay. After that Janne´s funeral I went to speak with her. But what makes this song so close to me is that at his funeral me and couple of his friends actually played this song. I was being that vocalist and I still remember tearing up whilst singing this. 

    Sorry about the end bit... I got a bit emotional there. 

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