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    koco 5yr ago

    Hmmm....no excuses..but I'm sorry again for not replying...this week's not the best for me..im mentally down for some unknown reason...but im sorry..

    My thug puppy's all better now..although he has a bad habit of barking at the oldet dog. And the older dog gets mad and they fight lol dogs right   

    I wish i could've met donna..she sounds so cute    

    Yes..i was only under the impression that you only listenedto rock and kpop. Im glad u listen to pop..now i can share some songs with you   

    Yeah..i was once obsessed with mr.jacksons songs and i still like them. Specially heal the world. I loved it and i almost criedwhen I heard he had passed and when his funeral was shown in tv. 

    Im the same as you. I cant specifically choose one genre to listen to. I listen to almost every genre and i listen to  many artists. Hey..are there any Finnish songs you would like to share with me???   

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