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    Lunatic 7yr ago

    Hehe well I don´t blame you on that. This site has indeed became quite boring. I usually just drop by here occasionally and to reply to people here. And maybe play couple rounds of game to try and get the cards I want. 

    That is really good to hear. And whoops... guess we spoke too soon :P Oh silly him... :P

    It´s gonna take some time but they´ll get used to each other. And then the older one will take care of the young one (trust me I´ve seen something like that many times before where the dogs don´t like each other at first but later on they become friends) protecting it and playing with it.

    Hehe that she really was. A one big snowball. And yep... you´re right on that one. Sometimes when we would call her she would just appear out of snow without us seeing her arriving. 

    I listen to Michael Jackson? Damn right I do. He´s been one of my favourites for a real long time. And I agree with you on that one. I also wish he´d still be around making these kinds of masterpieces for us to listen:

    And oh I listen to all kinds of music. Be it pop, rock, classical, techno... I listen lots of different kinds of artists. I just can´t choose one genre to listen to at. 

    What about you? 

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