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    koco 6yr ago

    oops...sorry for the late reply..i came here yesterday but left the moment i loaded the page..this site is so boring now.. :/

    oh he's recovered ..so much...and sprained his right leg just today! just when he got better he got not better again :P

    well...the puppy lives a thug life lol he barks at the older dog..but she looks confused :p lol sigh..it's gonna take a while i guess..

    okay! consider it done :D

    well....she looks like a big snow ball too... :D i bet when she goes into snow she's unrecognizable lol i mean cuz she looks like  snow lol 

    hmm....my tina is just the same..she's the love of everybody! when the family comes to visit she's all over them licking and being cute lol she's so cute :D even some of our neighbors love her...they always pet her and of course she wags her tail at them lol 

    i'm gonna go with labrador retirevers...but i guess samoyed are cute too :D i mean i love animals..be it a dog or something else cuz they're just so easy and comfortable to live with :D

    ggood for you :D but...i tried watching wrestling once with my brother..he loved it but i just lost interest lol hehe...it was boring..and i was asleep most of the time i watched it lol

    you listen to Michael Jackson??? :O don't get me wrong i thought ..you weren't into music of his style :D yeah i listen to him..wish he had stayed alive to create more masterpieces but...hey.. :/

    yeah...it's great to here your mom is doing better now :D and yeah...sure :D

    well keeping things bottled up is very bad..and very unhealthy :/ so you need to let off some of those stuff that you keep inside..i do the same thing...but when it's unbearable i just have to tell someone...and i do. If you think that it would disturb any other person in the world i'm gonna say it again you can always tell me...i won't consider it a disturbance or any sort. Just helping you out :D

    I GOT A GAME OF THRONES FIRST NOVEL!!!! and i'm gonna read it.. :D it looks super cool and awesome .. have you read it? :D

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