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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Oh... that doesn´t sound too good :( I´m really sorry to hear that. Like I mentioned before I hope that he´ll recover really soon. 

    Hehe well it always takes some time for a dog to get to know the other one. He´ll accepts him at some point :) 

    Can you give both of your dog´s a petting from me? They deserve it :) 

    I know... it felt so horrible back then. And yeah... she was so cute   And you can believe how she always enjoyed snow. Bouncing around in the snow and just laying down there. She always enjoyed it :)

    I know exactly what you mean. We had the same thing with Donna. We never trained her but she was still loved by everyone. She was a lovely pet and everyone´s friend. And everyone loved her. Even my friends who came to visit us said that she was one of their favourite pets they have ever met.

    My favourite dog breed? Believe it or not... it´s Samoyed :P They´re so cute. They´re so lovely with their white fur and that loving attitude of theirs :)

    That guess is a good one. I´m indeed a wrestling fan. I´ve been for a long time but took a little break after one of my favourite wrestlers of all-time committed suicide. I didn´t feel like watching it back then and it just stayed out of my life. But couple years ago I found it again and I´ve been a fan ever since. 

    Cult of Personality is a great song for anyone who is feeling down. I´ve always found it powering me up whenever I´ve been feeling down. And I´m happy that you liked the song as well. 

    Other songs I like? I´m quite sure you´re fond with this artist but here is a song by an artist I still love:

    And thank you. She´s feeling better now. And thanks for that. I´m happy to hear something like that. :) 

    I´ll keep that in mind. It´s just that this is how I´ve always been. I rather just keep things inside and not bother others with my stuff. But I´ll surely keep your advice in mind. 

    And here is another song for you to listen: 

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