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    Kuinyan 6yr ago

    Hello Senpai! So sorry for the late reply  

    I've seen Orange's anime but i mostly don't like live-actions XD (ex: Shingeki no Kyojin   ) Actually the live-action i am really looking forward is Hirunaka no Ryuusei which is a manga series from one of my favourite mangakas (can't remember her name sorry) Shohei Miura is one of the main leads and i love him  

    Boku no Ita Jikan has started good but i don't really know XD I probably won't like the rest of it   

    Blesscode was such a nice band T_T And KILLANETH too T_T I really loved their vocalist Kai  Lately he did a broadcast and sang One Ok Rock's Wherever You Are     (speaking of One Ok Rock, have you seen their new album??!??) and he answered my question *so proud* idk why but i've been watching so many broadcasts lately XD Do you remember LEZARD'S ex-vocalist Lime? I watched his broadcast and he was reading our comments out loud. I told him that i'm a fan of him from overseas and he said : Why do you know me (なんで俺のこと知ってるの)    

    No i have't watched the parodyXD I will check it out. I guess i love the series because of the soundtracks (MUSE and Paramore  )

    Inıtial'L's new single "VISION" will be used as an ending song for a Jdrama called Star Concerto!! I searched for eng subs everywhere but i couldn't find it T_T I guess i have to watch it without subs. 

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