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    koco 5yr ago

    he's not well yet...completely..he vomits and has diarrhea...i don't know though he seems tough.I mean he plays and is so mischievous lol always bites my feet,and anything that moves lol  but my 5 year old lab doesn't seem to be on board with the new pup...she still growls at him.. :D I'm flattered that you think im a fighter :D geez..all this time you were the only person who told me such a thing :D THANK YOU :D and on behalf of my pup too :D

    wow...Donna looks so pretty and so white :D she's so beautiful :D well..I cannot literally imagine losing my pets,weirdly they mean the world to me...im wildly obsessed with their safety and health and i think im an annoyance to the doctors who treat them lol  constantly bugging them and asking for medicine :D I remember you told me one day in 2014 that you lost your father's dog...it shook me... :'( i literally hate it when animals die cuz they are the only thing that makes this world pretty...and livable 

    Donna sounds exactly like my lab..her name is Tina..and she's so easy to take care of too,but she's not well trained cuz i was against it..call me stupid but i hated controlling her.I just wanted her to live a free and easy life since she already lost her freedom to enjoy a natural dog's life...my theory is exactly stupid and everyone's pointed that out but i don't care lol

    what's your favorite dog breed? :D

    right..i do the same..feeling down equals time to listen to inspirational songs :D i will say that song is glorious..thank you... hehe i guess you are a wrestling fan???? :D

    well i specially like the song the cult of personality,cuz it speaks of so much and so powerful...but i love them all :D thank you and recommend some other songs if you would like :D

    i hope your mom gets really better really soon :D i know she will...cuz she raised a good son :D 

    well....i think you should tell someone things when they bother you :D by doing so you are not ruining anyone's day...i don't think so..but if you think that you can always tell me :D i'm not gonna think otherwise :D im always here for a friend :D 

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