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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    I´m so sorry to hear that. I hope he´ll recover fully sooner rather than later. Your puppy seem to be quite of a fighter... just like you are. Maybe he has learned that from you :P

    I can fully understand why. It´s never an easy to see pet of yours sick and not knowing what caused it. If someone tries to tell you otherwise... I´m assuming that person has never had any pets of his own. I remember literally crying a lot when my fathers dog died. She had been quite sick weeks prior to that and we all knew that it would be the end of road for her. But... even thought she was sick so would always greet the quests as happily as ever. She was a samoyed and her name was Donna. 

    Oh boy... I got all emotional after thinking about her. Like literally... I´ve took care of hundreds of dogs but she was my absolute favourite! She was so easy to take care of. Just take her out couple times a day, give her food and water and play with her sometimes. And rest of the time she would come lay next to the sofa I was sitting at :)

    Whenever I´m feeling down I always tend to listen to songs I found empowering for me. Such as these ones:

    You could say that this song is... Glorious! 

    Also this is one the songs that I found empowering. Just focus on the words and think of yourself as one of the leaders round here   

    This later one is actually one of the first songs which helped me through my tough times in life. I hope you like it as well

    Of course I don´t mind you asking. Well my mother was hospitalized last week for taking an overdose of medicine... and mixed with alcohol. She´s better now thou. But that was the reason why I didn´t really feel like being here. I would have just ruined everyone else´s day by being like a bear that got shot in the arse :P

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