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    koco 5yr ago

    right..like i ever use them right? :P well...like i said im just making fun of you   

    well due to reading soooo many review on the HBO series I decided just to read the books..i heard it has so much nudity and all and much more emphasized than in the books lol i don't cope very well with nudity so im just gonna skip the tv series and just read the books lol issues issues everywhere lol I never read twilight or harry potter tbh..i just watched the movies of harry potter..i once watched a bit of some twilight movie and it was hella boring so i just skipped it altogether lol

    these days im watching baby daddy lol it's so funny lol

    right...kittens are sweet but it's the cats im afraid of..lol they give me looks of murder.I can't figure out whether they're plotting to kill me or they're loving me lol 

    well...and here i thought you were a nightcore lover ,aren't you???? seriously i thought you were obsessed with nightcore like me with pop lol wait...nightcore isn't a genre ???is it??? :/

    well i didn't seem to catch you in the past few days lol..i wasn't here a lot either ,just logging in only to see whether you guys have replied :D so i thought you must grown tired of this just like i am...i mean the new layout of JPA..it's stupid is what it is lol

    well i really feel like you're talking in high speed when im reading your posts lol ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol it's ok ok...im just making fun of you while i can lol   

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