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    NecroNaruto 6yr ago

    I usually use commas but whenever I type fast I skip them to save time lol....I use periods more tbh lol.....and I never heard of Game of Thrones cuz I don't have HBO and I heard that the books it's based on is long as all fuck and I don't have the patience to read it lol.....the only book that's semi long was Twilight (I hate the movies though) and Harry Potter series lol.....That sucks for your dogs and I'm glad that it's okay :).....I'm attached to my mom's kitten Sparkles (I call him Spark for short lol) I play with him alot and I tell him that I'm his new owner lol....I don't necessarily like them per se cuz the only one I truly hated doing was some song called Pestilenz and it didn't sound right so I just uploaded it...I should've uploaded it onto my main facebook account instead of my YT channel.....I come on JPA alot....at least three times daily....sometimes....if I remember too....well, I really hate commas if I'm writing online lol 

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