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    koco 5yr ago

    hey there   

    well comparing to myself you are far far awesome in replying sooner lol i mean you don't have to apologize :D lol but i get why you wanna apologize sooo...i'm just gonna go with it's ok   plus it's not cruel,i get that people have stuff going on :D so it's all cool 

    yeah me too...my pup got sick and it was really bad..he almost died but he didn't but i was never mentally scarred ever in my life like that..the doctors were unable to properly diagnose him in the beginning and many suspected it was parvo..but yay he survived!!! :D but i'm still not myself..i'm kinda all over the place and dizzy and upset... :/ and tired and heartbroken and  wrapped up in all the negative emotions in the world...

    if you don't mind me asking,what came up with you? :(

    thank you for the song,it's really empowering :) actually there are some songs that describe just what and how i feel at some moments,and this song really does that :/  thank you :D

    oh right..that describes just the way i think :P you were right to think of me lol but it seems like it's always the right thing to do too right :D

    what are you up to these days? :D 

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