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    Ivana 5yr ago

    Ah I see thou I can't see the second GIF (JPA is not working again   )

    Every year it is the same, they first all get sick than I take care of them and of course I get sick the last   thou I have a master plan now   

    Yes, it is. I absolutely have no worries XD

    Oh I don't mind being it a WWE song. Gosh I am practically listening to mostly EVERYTHING~   Woah I must really say it is a very good song. Kind of a victory song really. You get the feeling you can really achieve everything you want~ Kya kya   

    Really glad to hear she is alright now~   Good that you have moved on~ The next week will be surely awesome~   

    Here a song for you too~ Thou I am not sure if I have already sent it XD It is so pretty, hope you like it~~~ 

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