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    koco 6yr ago

    that's actually a good saying,don't be a salad be the best broccoli ,very inspirational :D

    thank you   

    Thank you for being understanding towards my situations. It feels actually really great to have friends like you guys :D i gotta say,there's only like a few people in this world that i actually like,literally a few,and I'm proud to say you are in my list as well :D I have plans to visit Finland in the future so i guess i can count on you? :D and you can always count on me too...I'm here if you ever need any help :D 

    I believe that statement so much! One shouldn't change so they're liked by everyone,they should be themselves so the right people will like them :D

    oh..right..well... :D I don't know...lol

    ok then,I'll come online within the week :D if you don't like to you can always tell me,I won't think otherwise :D

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