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    koco 6yr ago   Edited

    oh the best brocolli i could ever be eh? I'll try..lol

    well then here you go..  


    thank you for understanding my weakness of not keeping things short lol

    I actually stopped giving them any attention a while ago,I'm not that much upset now..I was upset and feeling pathetic and ignored..but now that I don't give a damn I don't care..thank you for the nice advice! :D it feels nice to hear someone say that instead of go back to being friends with them :D thank you for the compliments :D it feels nice to hear that :D

    though one question: do friends really matter? i mean like friends who stick to you and gets involved?can't anyone survive without any friends? (just asking..:D)

    you have work...right..I'm free until like mid January,I can come at any time..tell me a time which is easier for you,i'll come :D also got something to tell you..I'll PM you later..I want some ideas and help :D 

    thank you for the inspirational quote :D 

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