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    koco 5yr ago


    well I saw you were on break and I didn't visit JPA much too..mainly cuz i was watching anime and well as for other reasons I HATE THIS NEW LAYOUT lol seriously...it was much much comfortable in the old days...I don't see my friend list and I can't connect with anyone easily...this is messed up..seriously..lol it's become really ...conventional..

    oh you mean like you thought you were the only one who didn't like this new site? Well...I'm on your side lol if I could change it i would have already lol 

    I AM GLAD ..SO GLAD that your replies finally feel like how they should feel like.Not that I'm saying anything weird lol i meant that your replying just like the old days now..and I can see that you are feeling happy and doing good..and I'm really happy for you..really :D 

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