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    Ivana 6yr ago

    No problem Eli-chan~   

    Yeah I know you are more into j-dramas XD ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa so you don't watch this types of dramas. I see. Hmm than have you seen Orange? The manga was awesome I cried so much   HAhahahahaha yeees Cain and Abel is also around business    

    Is Boku no Ita Jikan good? I have a reallyyyyyy loooooooooooooooooooooooooong list. Ah you were watching Twilight. Hmm I am not sure I was really dissapointed when I watched it for the first time but it ended up later to be more of a comedy to me and then I kind of like it that way better~ Have you watched the parody of it? When the werewolf turn into chihuahuas- the best part ever! And the Black Eye Peas haahhaah I died   

    Oh Mother seems nice ^^

    I wasn't a fan of them, actually never heard of them but yeah I know the feeling when some band that you like is disbanding (KILLANETH too)   

    Hahahahhah yeah the MV for MOON LIGHT DOWN is also not my thing they could have made it much better   I am also very happy about them   

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