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Tsutawatte Lyrics
BY  Chara
ALBUM  Strange Fruits

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Added by: Nimsaj91

Koi wa nande
Itsumo nande owaru no?
Boku no taiyou torenai

Owaritakunai. Owaritaku nante... nante--
"Itsuka wa... ne" soshite kyou mo owaru no
Saigo ni te wo furenai.
Koboretakunai. Koboretaku nante... nante
Niji wo koeru no?

Kowaretakunai. Kowaretaku nante...
Umaku ikanai n da

Kowaretakunai. Kowaretaku nante... mamoru
Tsutawatte sore wa niji wo koeru no.
...Itsuka wa ne
Itsuka wa ne
Itsuka wa... ne.


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Added by: Nimsaj91

Why does love
Always end, every time?
You can't take my sun from me

I don't want to end. To want to end is... is--
"Yes...someday," you say, and then today ends, too
In the end you don't touch my hand.
I don't want to overflow. To want to overflow is--
Are you going over the rainbow?

I don't want to break. To want to break is...
This just isn't working

I don't want to break. To want to break is... I'll protect you
Protect me---
Tell me, and that'll take us over the rainbow
...Yes, someday


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