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Thinking of you Lyrics
BY  B'z
ALBUM  Eleven

Added by: brendad307

引きはがすように 今日も起き上がる
窓から顔を出して 息を吸い込めば
知らない街の匂い 心震わす

夕べは何処にいた? どうやって眠りにおちていった?
次から次へ 忘れてゆく…

少し酔って 君に電話したんだ
気の利かない言葉で 怒らせたんだ

ふりかえらず歩いて 何もかもが遠くに見える
帰りたい想いを今 胸に抱いた自分がいる
You know I'm thinking of you

今 僕は何処にいる?いつも足元を見失うな

たったひとつだけ 忘れないもの
笑顔で手を振って 見送ってくれた人

ふりかえらず歩いて 何もかもが遠くに見える
失くしたもの 手にいれたもの 胸の中をかけめぐるよ
Yes,I'm thinking of you


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Added by: ImaYuki

Bed ni haritsuita darui karada wo
Hikihagasu youni kyou mo oki agaru
Mado kara kao dashite, iki wo suikomeba
Shiranai machi no nioi kokoro furuwasu

Yuube wa doko ni ita?
Dou yatte nemuri ni ochite itta?
Sugi kara sugi e, wasurete yuku...

Sukoshi yotte kimi ni denwa shitanda
Ki no kikanai kotoba de, okorasetanda

Furikaerazu aruite, nani mo ka mo ga tooku ni mieru
Kaeritai omoi wo ima mune ni daita jibun ga iru
You know I'm thinking of you

Ima boku wa doko ni iru?
Itsumo ashimoto wo miushina
Kuurutta furi wo shitemo, shouki wo tamote

Tatta hitotsu dake wasurenai mono
Egao de te wo futte miokutte kureta hito

Furikaerazu aruite, nani mo ka mo ga tooku ni mieru
Nakushita mono te ni ireta mono, mune no naka wo kake mekuru yo
Yes, I'm thinking of you
Mayowanai de aruite
Massugu kimi ni ai ni yukou...

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Added by: ImaYuki

My listless body is spreading on the bed
Like being torn away from it, today once again I'm getting up
Putting my head out from the window, I breathe in the air
And my heart is shaken by the scent of this unfamiliar street

Where was I last night?
In what kind of condition did I fell asleep?
From next time onwards, I am going to forget everything

Still a bit drunk, I call you up on the phone
Because of some insensitive words, you are angry with me

Walking and looking back, I can see everything in the far distance
Right now I'm holding in my heart the wish to go home
You know I'm thinking of you

Where am I now? Always I lose sight of my feet
Even as I do crazy unfavorable things, I always keep my honesty

There's only one thing I shall never forget
The person who saw me off with a smile and a wave of the hand

Walking and looking back, I can see everything in the far distance
Things which I lost, things that I did, are turning round and round in my chest
Yes, I'm thinking of you
Don't walk in confusion anymore
I'm coming to see you at once

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